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Lee Virtual School is a proud franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS).  We offer the same high quality courses and curriculum, taught by amazing Lee County teachers.  We are the "friendly neighborhood virtual school"!  Our courses are limited to Lee County students and therefore we offer very quick placement with teachers. 

When you have a choice, pick Lee Virtual!

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Here is the link to create your account https://vsa.flvs.net/default.aspx?PageID=118&fn=Create-New-Enrollment.

Enrolling in a Lee Virtual Blackboard Course

Enrolling in a Lee Virtual BlackBoard Course

LVS is happy to offer courses not availble from other sources or in all classrooms.  We offer courses that our staff has developed as well as other content through a learning management system called "BlackBoard."  All students in the school district have access to Blackboard. Click on the course to enroll in or request a place in one of our courses.  For more information, you can email the teacher or see your school counselor or call us at 239-337-8178.

Mrs. Analee Moore HS Learning Strategies 
Mr. Ed McKinley

School, Personal & Career Development

Executive Internship

Ms. Kim Bonadies Creative Writing
Mrs. Alesha VanDevender

Business Software Applications

Digital Design

Mrs. Joanne Weiner

Elementary Spanish